Flexible service for retail companies

The frozen goods department is very important in every shop. In this story, VDB is your partner who works proactively with you to supplement your frozen foods story in an interesting way.

Private label, including for small volumes

Each retail chain benefits from the advantages of having a private label. It strengthens your image, attracts a lot of price-conscious buyers, and provides extra profit. VDB is happy to develop a product for you as a Private Label.

More than just ice creams

Of course, we offer our self-produced ice creams as a Private Label. But we can also link a large number of other products to your identity. These include:

  • Large range of bulk products
  • Extruded ice cream products (e.g. BIG ice lollies, trio waffle ice cream sandwiches, cups, etc.)
  • A wide variety of other frozen desserts such as waffles, churros, and savoury frozen products

Cool Delight: private label for smaller volumes

We have another solution for retail companies for smaller volumes. Our own brand, Cool Delight, is the perfect price-conscious supplement for your frozen goods department.

A whole range of ‘our private label’ products can already be ordered per pallet. This is the ideal way to increase your range in an economical and flexible way.

Due to our compact structure, we can:

  • Flexibly respond to your wishes and questions
  • Also offer smaller volumes as Private Label
Tip: If you are looking for a specific product for your frozen goods department,

please let us know and we will speak to our connections across Europe to find a solution.

Your guarantees at VDB

Our many years of experience in frozen products is a great asset. We know the market and the producers throughout Europe and maintain good connections. This way, we can brainstorm with you to offer you excellent products at a perfect price.