VDB. Ice cream that warms everyone’s hearts!

The story of VDB began in 1932 with the production of ice cream of Belgian quality. Ice cream is still very important for VDB Frozen Food. In addition to ice cream, we now also have a wide range of individual ice cream products such as ice lollies, water ices, ice cream in individual portions, etc. Here, too, we go for a good quality at a very attractive price.

Roomijs van VDB Frozen Food

VDB Ice cream

To be translated into English… Tradition and craftsmanship. These are the two terms that best describe the quality of VDB ice cream. Our ice cream is still based on our own authentic recipe. You can taste this tradition with every lick and that warms everyone’s hearts for many decades.

Dame blanche, Mango, Coconut, Raspberry, Stracciatella, Pistachio, Banana, Melon, Exotic, Rum, Strawberry, Praline, Mocha, Chocolate, Vanilla

Stukgoed van VDB Frozen Food

VDB individual ice cream products

In order to respond to market demand, we have a wide range of individual ice cream products in addition to scoop ice cream. This includes ice lollies, water ices, ice cream in individual portions, etc.

Twins Yellow, Twins Red, Twins Orange, Twins Green, Smurfs Surprise Cup, Shuffle, Mr Bubble Red, Mr Bubble Blue, MiniMaster White, MiniMaster Black, MiniMaster Almond, GoodUp Strawberry, GoodUp Orange, GoodUp Lemon, GoodUp Cola, Dessert cup Vanilla Mocha, Dessert cup Vanilla Chocolate, Dessert cup Vanilla, Dessert cup Vanilla Strawberry, Daddy Cool, Croc Choc, Coupe Dame Blanche, Coupe Cappuccino, Coupe Brésilienne, VDB Cornets Vanilla, VDB Cornets Vanilla Strawberry, VDB Cornets Light Tasty, VDB Cornets Choco, VDB Chocos, Big White, Big Almond, Big Black, VDB Expo

Cooldelight van VDB Frozen Food


The frozen goods department is very important in every shop. In this story, VDB Frozen Food is your partner who works proactively with you to supplement your frozen foods story in an interesting way.

Magnum Lageti White, Magnum Lageti Big Nuts, Magnum Lageti Black, Cool Delight Trio waffle sandwich Chocolate Vanilla Strawberry, Cool Delight Chocolate Vanilla Strawberry, Cool Delight Strawberry, Cool Delight Chocolate, Cool Delight Vanilla, Raspberry sorbet, Lemon sorbet


Food Service

VDB Frozen Food stands for the perfect dessert on every table. And that’s definitely not just at home. Our services to companies in the hospitality and food service sectors mean that you can come across the quality of VDB Frozen Food everywhere.

Ice cream cubs

Ice cream cups

Are you looking for a handy, inexpensive ice cream that suits any moment? You’ll always hit the mark with our Ice Cream Cups. Each cup contains one scoop of delicious ice cream in an polystyrene cup. This keeps the ice cream cold for a long time so that it remains firm while keeping your hands from freezing while you eat it.

Polystyrene cup Vanilla, Polystyrene cup Chocolate, Polystyrene cup Strawberry